What is the Key to the EPC ?

Case law in respect of the European Patent Convention

The case law of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) in respect of the European Patent Convention (EPC) has reached such proportions that is becoming increasingly difficult for users of the Convention to locate relevant decisions.

The essential task of Key to the EPC is to remedy this situation, thereby providing a better update facility as well as offering improved availability in the three official languages of the EPO. The primary aim is not to render the content of the decisions, nor offer comment on them, but to make them easier to find.

To this end, the decisions are assigned to specific key words from the text of the EPC with which users are highly familiar. This fundamental principle can be transferred easily to many collections of data. It is especially suitable for implementation in electronic media with intelligent user interfaces.
Key to the EPC is therefore made available to users in the three official languages on electronic data carriers and will be available via data transfer.

Users will include in particular patent lawyers, patent assessors, qualified representatives, experts in patent departments and patent offices as well as candidates for the European Qualifying Examination for Professional Representatives.

The authors (authors@key2epc.com):
Stephan C. Fritz, Dr. rer. nat., Dipl.-Phys.
Elisabeth K. Grünbeck, DEA, LL.M. Intellectual Property Law, Jurist
Ali Hijazi, Dr. Ing., Examiner at the EPO

The eBook

The eBook (Edition 2020) includes 1518 printable pages, has more than 6400 decisions cited (see the index). The closing date for inclusions is November 2019.

Furthermore, you can download as an example the part six of the eBook, corresponding to the Part Six of the EPC (Appeals Procedure). This example does not include the links from the decisions; for a full demo of the eBook see the dedicated page.

Foreword, contents, Part VI, index.

The update

The vertical line next to the case number indicates each newly added decision.

The publisher

Verlag E. Grünbeck

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